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Rooter Drain Cleaning - Boston and eastern Massachusetts

Sewer Rooter Service Boston and eastern Massachusetts


The word “Rooter” is referring to the Rooter Machine that is used to clean out sewer and drain lines and also toilets, sinks, floor drains, laundry drains, grease trap line, storm drains.  The Rooter machine come in many sizes.  These machines help our service and provide us with the ability to rid your sewer pipes, drain lines and floor drains of the roots that have built up over time.

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Most people who experience a sewer or drain backup or a clogged toilet will call a professional to have what they call ASAP Drains Rooter to clean there drains out to remove the clog or blockage from the line.


Rooter Service Do’s and Don'ts


When you have sewer or drain problems you want a professional with the right Rooter Machine for the right type of clog you have so the job is rooter-ed out with the right size Rooter so the clog will be gone and not a hole poked in the clog because the wrong Rooter was used to clear the blockage.

Not all Rooter Drain Services are created equal


So when you need Rooter service you what the best Rooter drain and sewer service to come to you with the right Rooter for the clog you have not just someone to pop the clog open and leave you want it cleaned with the right size cutter on the sewer rooter so you don't have the problem again the next day thats when you should call ASAP Drains because that's all we do is Rooter all types of drains in the Boston area.

There are different ways to have your sewer or drain clogs Rooter-ed out you can go from a outside clean-out, stack clean-out, roof vent, pulled toilet and if its a sink you can go from trap under the sink or stack clean-out,roof depends where the clog is and a professional from ASAP Drains can locate that for you just give us a call anytime night or day.

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